Marina Glikman

Every year I update my portfolio and the about section always seems to be outdated or too generic. As time goes by, I get to define myself and my work better.

Lately I've been thinking and reading on the importance of design as a tool to communicate and its politic weight. Since that, what I've learnt about my practice is that I enjoy working with others, for brands and clients that I believe in, helping to amplify culturally relevant messages. And I'm positive it's possible to do that and have fun in the process. 

I hope my work speaks for itself. As for myself, I can say I'm an argentinian graphic designer, working in portuguese and writing in english. 

While I was studying graphic design, I've worked at a motion studio in Buenos Aires, then decided to start on my own and did different kinds of freelance projects. After a year and a half working as an Art Director at AKQA São Paulo, I entered the sustainability squad at Farm Rio as a Senior designer. 

A lot happened in between, naturally! If you want to talk about it or if you have a new adventure you want me to be a part of, you can write me at
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